Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Got Sealed!!!

I have really been awful at keeping up with this blog post, but I wanted to update you on all that's been going on.

Well, as many of you following us know, we were planning to get sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple on May 15th, 2010. And boy, when they tell you that Satan is going to do all he can to try and prevent it, they are not wrong! Even a week before, we were tried and tested.

Then, a few days beforehand, we went to the temple and we did sealing's to get us prepared for our big day. I am SO happy we did that because it really was amazing, took a lot of the mystery out of it for us (of course there is always still some mystery), and it connected us.

On the Thursday prior to our getting sealed, we had our official photos taken by friends of ours who did such an amazing job. It was fun walking around the temple with two photographers, and we felt kinda special since everyone else only had one. Of course photographers are SO expensive, so we were really blessed that Calvin and Amy did this for us and did such an amazing job too.

Saturday rolled round, and I gotta say, i was so nervous! I felt like I was a blushing bride all over again.

My friend Jenelle and her sister, Ashely, helped me with my hair and make up for the day, and did such a wonderful job. I was truly pampered and felt so special.

All too soon, it was time to get dressed and head off to the temple. Oh boy, did I feel sick to my stomach with nerves. Of course, Ben was a bit nervous but the more I asked him if he was nervous, the worse he got.

But it was absolutely beautiful.

I was taken to the brides room which was so beautiful, and seeing all the other brides getting into their gorgeous dresses, I really felt special. The room was so glamorous in an "old fashioned" kinda way, with ornate mirrors over dressing tables, and chandelier-type wall sconces that just gave it that perfect ambiance.

Soon, I was kneeling with my beloved and we made our sacred covenants and we were sealed together as a husband and wife for time and all eternity. The moment was amazing, and while the room was filled with dear friends, we felt as if we were swept away.

Something that the officiant said that really stayed with us, was that we are often taught to "endure" to the end, but he told us to instead "enjoy" to the end. What a lovely sentiment.

After, we had photos with everyone on the steps of the temple. A childhood friend of Ben's was one of our witnesses and his parents and sister also came to support us, for Ben it was like having family there and it was so incredible.

The most amazing thing since that day is this intense, and undeniable connection we feel. Being sealed truly does something for a family if they live the principals and keep Christ (and the temple) central in their lives.

I am more in love with my husband today than I have been over the past years. We now share something so unique and special, and we know that our love and our marriage has been ordained of our Father in Heaven, and that we will be together forever no matter what.

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